If you are on 3.67 to 3.73 start here:

  1. Use H-Encore2 to install Henkaku.
  2. Downgrade the Vita with Modoru,
    you must Downgrade if firmware on 3.69-3.73!
  3. Install Enso on Firmware 3.60 or
  4. Install Enso on Firmware 3.65
  5. Remove Trophy Warning from H-Encore.
  6. Remove Trophy Warning from Games (Continue Saves From a Different PSN Account).

If you are on 3.65 start here:

  1. Use H-Encore2 to Install Henkaku.
  2. Install Enso on Firmware 3.65

If you are on 3.60 start here:

  1. Install Henkaku and Enso on Firmware 3.60

If you are under 3.60 start here:

  1. Update the Vita to Firmware 3.60

I Hacked my Vita, Now What?

SD2Vita: Use a MicroSD Card!

Backup Vita Titles, Updates, and DLCs!

Install Emulators!

Overclock the Vita for Improved Performances!

Disable Update Prompts and Prevent Updating!

Transfer Files Without any Cables!

Restore VitaShell, When Hacking Gone Wrong!