The LOLIcon plugin allow users to overclock or underclock the CPU and GPU of the Vita. This can lead to better game play through faster loading and/or more Frames per Second (FPS). LOLIcon will affect all applications on the Vita. However, this will come at the expense of a reduced battery life and could generate more heat depending on the settings.

Files Needed

AutoPlugin: GitHub Link
(Optional)LOLIcon : GitHub Link 

Step 1: Download and Install Autoplugin.vpk.

  • Launch Vitashell and press Select to set up USB connection.
  • On PC, download the autoplugin.vpk plugin from Github and put it any folder. (I created a folder called VPK.)
  • Press O to cancel the USB connection.
  • In VitaShell, go inside the folder you put autoplugin in and press X on Autoplugin.vpk to install it.

Step 2: Search for LOLIcon.

  • Launch Autoplugin.
  • Go to Plugins for Vita, Install Plugins.
  • Click X on LOLIcon to install it.
  • You will get a message saying it was installed.
  • Press START to exit AutoPlugin, it will reset your Vita.

Step 3: Save LOLIcon Settings.

  • Press SELECT + UP to open up LOLIcon.
  • Go to Oclock Options, and select the OVERCLOCK preference by pressing LEFT or RIGHT.
  • Press O to go back, and if that’s all you want to change press X on Save as Default.
  • Press SELECT + DOWN to close LOLIcon.
  • Otherwise move on to the next optional step.

Step 4: Additional Settings (Optional).

  • Other Settings in LOLIcon includes:
  1. ODS Options:
    • Show FPS and Battery Percentage by Pressing X.
    • These will appear at the top left corner (with the same font as the LOLIcon option) and will appear during a game.
  2. Ctrl Options:
    • Press X on Button Swap to switch the X to O (this is for Japanese Vita where O is to confirm instead of X).
  3. Exit Game:
    • Will close the current game if one was launch.
  4. Suspend Vita will put the Vita to Sleep.

4 thoughts on “Install LOLIcon to Overclock Vita”

  1. If anyone is getting a warning that says “There was a Problem loading. : 3” That’s LOLIcon and all you have to do is press UP + Select on your Vita and make a ‘save default’. At least I think that fixes it because now it just says Configuration Loaded 4 or somehting like that. Also make sure you have a LOLIcon folder in ur0:

    1. Did you get that issue after all the steps, because that was in step 3 but I guess it wasn’t clear enough. Good point about the ur0, it’s best to put it there, I put that in my image but did not mention that.

      1. After I did the ‘save default’ and got the Configuration Loaded 4 message or whatever, I did a little more reading and someone said ‘save main’ instead of default and now I get no messages – all cleared up. Oh, and even though I had the latest Adrenaline and I did everything you said, I still had to double launch until I used the double touch plugin in Autoplugin. Sorry I don’t have all the exact wordings here. I just want to thank you for all your help. I went through all your webpages here and did every thing just like you said and I couldn’t be happier. Everything is working just like it’s supposed to. I just had those two little hiccups and they were easily fixed.

        1. Ok, I will take a look at it and might add a note for the overclock. You have really learned a lot about the hacking scene, thank you for all your comments!

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