The NoNpDrm plugin allows you to install official PS Vita files along with any updates or patches. For this guide, we will install NoNpDrm files on our hacked Vita. You must have NoNpDrm installed (steps 1-3) before you can use NoPayStation or PKGj.

Files and Programs Needed

NoNpDrm.skprx: GitHub Link
VitaShell: GitHub Link
WinSCP: WinSCP Homepage
NoNPDrm File: Google or NoPayStation PSVitaMod Page
Make sure you Enable Unsafe Homebrew in HENkaku Settings.
Once you have NoNpDrm installed (After step 3), you can go to my other guides to install PKGj or NoPayStation.

Step 1: Set up Connection to WinSCP.

Turn on your Wi-Fi on the Vita and go to VitaShell. Press start to bring up main settings and change “SELECT button” to FTP, and press O to exit.

Step 1.5: Set up Connection to WinSCP.

FTP Server
Press Select to bring up your FTP server information. These numbers allow WinSCP to connect to your Vita. Leave this notification on or press X.

Step 2: Transfer NoNpDrm.skprx to Tai Folder

Open WinSCP and on the login that pops up, change File Protocol to FTP. Then enter the host name (appears after ftp://) and port # (last 4 digits after the colon) and then click Login after saving the session. Move the nonpdrm.skprx into the ur0:Tai folder and wait till you get a notification that your file was transferred.

This guide refers to the Tai folder in the ur0 directory, this is because I am using a microSD card. If you are using an official Vita memory card, your tai folder will be in ux0 throughout the guide!

Step 3: Edit Config.txt file in ur0:Tai

Go to the config.txt file in your tai folder and open it by pressing X. Scroll down to *Kernal and press Triangle to bring up a menu. Press “Insert empty line” and type in “ur0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx. Press O to go back out to your config file and then O again to exit. Press X to save your modifications.

If you want to install downloads through PKGj instead, restart your Vita after pressing X to save the modifications and then follow my PKGj guide.

Step 4: Switch to USB connection

Press start to bring up main settings and change select button to USB. Press Select to connect to your PC through USB. Wait for a screen to pop on your PC containing all the files on your memory card.

Step 5: Enable Hidden Folders.

Show Hidden Folders
You need to enable View Hidden folders to see everything in your memory card. Go to View / Options /
Change folder and search options / View / and select “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”, and make sure to uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).  Click Ok.

Step 6: Transfer Files to Memory Card.

Install NoNpDRm PT1.flv_000131100

Your downloaded files will either contain an App folder or a folder that starts with a letter follow by numbers. In this example our file has an app folder and inside is PCSE00277. You should see an app folder on your memory card folder. Copy the PCSE00277 folder and paste it into the App folder. Wait for the files to finish transferring.

Step 6.5: Transfer DLC, Patches, or Licences.

If your file contains other folders such as addcont (DLC), license, patch, app then you will need to transfer those over to the same corresponding folders on your memory card. If the folders are not on your memory card, then create them.

Moving DLC
In the diagram above, each folder will contain the ID (PCSA00147), except for license. You need to move each folder in the red square to the same folder in your memory card. Ex: Move the PCSA00147 folder in the app folder to the app folder in your memory card.

Step 7: Reset PS Vita.

Back on the Vita press O to cancel the USB connection and then Select to bring up the main settings. Press reboot on Vitashell, wait for the Vita to reset, and then launch Vitashell again.

1. Every time you add or change anything in your config.txt file you need to restart the Vita for those changes to occur.
2. If you are using the official PlayStation Vita memory you need to change your USB device to memory card. See pic below. (Thanks to Jazzman for pointing this out)

Memory Card

Step 8: Have VitaShell Install the File.

REfresh LiveArea

Press triangle and click on Refresh LiveArea and press X to continue. The screen should say “Refreshed 1 items.”

Note: If you are transferring multiple files, you only need to refresh once. In that case the screen should say “Refreshed X items” where X is the number of files you transferred.

REfreshed 1 item

Step 8: Go Back out to the Home Screen.

Go back to the home screen and scroll all the way down. There should now be a bouncing bubble.

Notes: If you are getting 0 items refreshed

  1. It might be the file you have. Try to search for another source such as NoPayStation ( or PKGj (
  2. If your folder has patches, DLC, etc., install just the App and see if that works.
  3. Please make sure you have nonpdrm.skprx under the *Kernal in config.txt and that you restarted your Vita after doing this.
  4. If you are not using a microSD card you should be using ux:0 and NOT ur:0.
  5. Make sure you are putting the files in the right places. Ex: Put whatever is inside the App folder of the downloaded file to the inside of the App folder in ux:0. 
  6. Reload your taihen file in Henkaku settings.

18 thoughts on “Install NoNpDrm”

  1. Trying this now. I have a few games with patches so I just installed the one game have so far that doesnt have patches. Cheers for the guide

    1. Guys, try the new suggestions I added at the end of Step 8. The problem is it could be any number of issues and hard to pinpoint where you messed up.

  2. Also having the problem with no refreshing for me. Vpk’s are working fine (tho installing incredibly slowly for some reason), but copying the files doesn’t work. Files appear (though in ux0 instead of ur0 for some reason – tried copying over and still same problem), but refresh doesn’t find them. Have set up SD2Vita and works fine for Vpk and registers the SD card on the Vita memory.

    1. Figured it out – perform all of the editing config.txt etc as per normal, but then when it comes to transferring the game folders you need to press Start and then change USB device to sd2Vita. Then press O, connect via USB and transfer your game files across. Once you hit Triangle then refresh it should then find the game.

      1. Thank you for this tip and your persistence in solving your own issues, I will update my guide with this.

  3. can u help me with installing undub game on 3.68 (h-encore)? it suppose to use repatch plugin but i failed. lol

    1. Follow my guide for installing game but you need to make a new repatch folder in ux0 for the repatch file on your game.

  4. The site is very detailed, organized, and easy to follow. I am a noob and managed to proceed from h-encore to NoNpDrm to Pkgi as my hope was to get some experience prior to Pkgj. Pkgj has been a challenge. if you can make a guide, that would be great.

    1. Thank you! I had other people ask for this so I will add it to my to do list, working on an emulator guide right now.

  5. Hi. My SD2Vita is UX0, Vita memory is UMA0. So should i still move the nonpdrm.skprx into the ur0:Tai folder or to the ux0:Tai folder?

    1. Hey good to hear from you again, it would still be in ur0 and you would still need to delete the tai folder in ux0

  6. Some issues, I finished downloading VitaShell and everything seems fine until Step 2. Firstly, i don’t have a dai folder, did i do something wrong at the very start already? My ux0 folder only has calender, data, mms, Vitashell.

    Also, when i tried to transfer, I got this issue:
    Status: Starting upload of C:\Users\tay\Desktop\nonpdrm.skprx
    Command: PASV
    Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,252,222,176)
    Command: STOR nonpdrm.skprx
    Response: 550 File not found.
    Error: Critical file transfer error

    What did i do wrong? Do advice please thanks!

    1. If your tai folder is not in the UX0 then has to be in the UR0, I assume you are SD2vita/micro SD card as your memory card? The nonpdrm.skprx is just one file, it seems like you are copying over the wrong files.

  7. hey dude i have a problem im using sd2vita. well i have copy my games from my old ps memory card and it works. the problem is everytime im transferring new game (nonpdrm) the files are keep deleting i mean when i open the folder of the app its empty thats why i think i always get 0 refreshed

  8. nah. i figure it out the problem is im using a fake sd card damn that cheap samsung 128gb, i bought another one with a much more price and it works

    1. That sucks, but yes fake microSD cards are pretty common. Every time I get one from a non major store I always test it to see if it really is the advertise size.

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