Enso allows Henkaku to stay permanently on the Vita even after shutting it down. This means the PS Vita will remain “hacked.” This guide install Enso for those who downgraded/upgraded their Vita to 3.60.

Files Needed

Enso for 3.60: GitHub Link 
VitaShell: GitHub Link 

Step 1: Turn on WiFi to install Henkaku.

  • Enable Wifi on the Vita and then go to the broswer.
  • Go to http://henkaku.xyz and touch Install.
    • If you get an error screen, press Ok
  • Wait for everything in the molecule screen to finish installing.

Step 2: Download and Transfer Enso and VitaShell.

  • Download Enso and VitaShell (if you downgraded you should already have VitaShell Installed).
  • Go to the home screen on the Vita and scroll down to the newly installed Molecular Shell and launch it.
  • Press Select to bring up the FTP server information.
  • Transfer the ENSO and Vitashell vpk through FTP to any folder in ux0 (I usually create a VPK folder).

Step 3: Install ENSO and Vitashell.

  • Install Enso and VitaShell in the folder they were transferred to.
  • Press to confirm installation of both vpks.
  • Go back out to the home page and go to Settings.
  • Go to Henkau Settings and Enable Unsafe Homebrew.

Step 4: Go Back to the Home Page and Launch Enso.

  • Go to the Home page and scroll down and launch Enso.
  • Press to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Press to start the installation process.
  • Once installation is complete, press any button to reboot (this may take a while).
  • Now when booting up you should see the Enso logo instead of the PlayStation logo.

Step 5:  Spoof Firmware.

  • Go to Settings, Henkaku Settings, and then Spoofed Version.
  • Make sure Enable Version Spoofing is checked.
  • Enter the newest firmware, which is 3.70.

Step 6:  Delete ux0:tai.

  • Launch VitaShell and to go ux0:tai.
  • You should have also have a tai folder in ur0, if so delete the ux0:tai folder.
  • To delete, highlight the tai folder in ux0 and press Triangle and then X on delete.
  • It is best to have the tai folder in ur0 and put all the hacks in ur0:tai.
  • If you downgraded and want to load all your previous hacks, continue to Step 7.

Step 7: Rename old Tai folder (only if you downgraded).

  • In VitaShell go to ur0:tai, highlight boot_confiq.txt, press Triangle and then Copy.

  • Go back to your old tai folder (I renamed mine T), highlight the .., press Triangle and then Paste.

  • Press O to go back to ur0 and then highlight tai, press triangle, and then Delete.

  • Rename the original tai folder (T in my case) back to tai (press triangle and then Rename.
  • Press Start and then Reboot.

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