What is HENkaku?

An app that allows you to run hacks/mods on your Vita, but will disappear when you turn off your system. You will need to load HENkaku again whenever you turn on the PS Vita (putting the Vita into sleep mode will not cause HENkaku to disappear). Available on firmware (or system update) 3.60 – 3.68.

What is Enso?

Enso automatically loads HENkaku every time you turn on your vita. You can turn off your Vita without HENkaku disappearing. Available on firmware (or system update) 3.60 – 3.65.

What is H-Encore?

A new hack released on July 1, 2018 that allows users on the official Sony firmware of 3.65, 3.67, and 3.68 to install HENkaku. Those on 3.65 WILL be able to install Enso.

What if I am on firmware 3.67/3.68?

You will need to load HENkaku everytime you turn off your Vita.

What is the best firmware to be on?

If you don’t mind loading HENkaku everytime or leaving your Vita on sleep mode, then being on 3.67 or 3.68 will be fine. The benefit is you can play the newest games now, instead of waiting for people to convert those games into lower firmware.

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