What if I am on firmware 3.71?

Hencore2 is now out and this allows users to hack their Vita on 3.71. However, downgrading is not possible yet. Therefore, those who hacked their Vita on 3.71 will have to reapply the hack after every shutdown but leaving it in sleep mode is fine. Some of the hacks in this guide might not work on firmware 3.71.

What if I am on firmware 3.69 or 3.70?

A new hack called Trinity is out, see guide here. In order to install Trinity, you need to launch the PSN Store. If you are having issues logging into the PSN store,  follow my guide to block notifications. Then connect to your cell phone hot-spot if available before logging into the PSN store.
Once hacked, use Modoru and downgrade the Vita to a firmware with a permanent hack, preferably 3.60.

Why do I Need to Downgrade from 3.70/Trinity, I thought I Hacked my Vita?

Trinity is a temporary solution, you need to downgrade because not every hack works on 3.69 or higher. Also, 3.71 is now out and users will not able to logged onto PSN to download a PSP game in order to do the Trinity hack.

Can I Still Log Into PSN and Use Remote Play After Hacking my Vita?

Yes, these features still exist after the Vita has been hacked. All you need is to spoof your firmware to 3.71 in HENkaku settings.

Will my PSN Account Get Banned?

There have been no reported user bans from Sony. However, don’t do something silly such as using cheats when playing online or syncing your account with fake trophies. For peace of mind, create a new PSN account for your hacked Vita.

What is HENkaku?

An app that lets you run hacks/mods on your Vita, but disappears when you turn off your system. You must load HENkaku again when you turn on the PS Vita (putting the Vita into sleep mode will not cause HENkaku to disappear). Available on firmware (or system update) 3.60 – 3.68.

What is Enso?

Enso automatically loads HENkaku every time you turn on your vita. You can turn off your Vita without HENkaku disappearing. Available on firmware (or system update) 3.60 and 3.65. Think of it as a permanent hack.

What is H-Encore?

A new hack released on July 1, 2018 that allows users on the official Sony firmware of 3.65, 3.67, and 3.68 to install HENkaku (see guide here). Those on 3.65 WILL be able to install Enso.

What if I am on firmware 3.67/3.68?

You will need to launch H-Encore every time you turn off your Vita or you can downgrade the Vita to 3.60 or 3.65 (guide here) to install Enso.

What is the best firmware to be on?

3.60 is said to be the best because of how easy it is to install Enso and being the firmware with the most compatibility with all the hacks out there. However, the benefits are very minimal between 3.60 and 3.65. If you don’t mind loading HENkaku every time or leaving your Vita on sleep mode, then being on 3.67 or 3.68 will be fine. It is highly recommended to downgrade if you are on Trinity.

What is NoNpDrm?

NoDpDrm are the official PS Vita game files but with fake licenses generated. The NoDpDrm plugin will allow you to install these games, please see my guide here for the installation. It is highly recommended to have NoDpDrm game files. Games from NoPayStation and PKGj are NoDpDrm files.

What are NoPayStation and PKGj?

NoPayStation is an app designed for users to download games, DLCs, updates, and themes on their PC or Mac and then transferred over to the PS Vita. These downloads come from users who have actually uploaded the downloads to Nopaystation for everyone’s enjoyment. This provides a safe and fast way to get what you want. Please see my guide here to install NoPayStation.
PKGj is NoPayStation on the PS Vita, where users can download directly from their Vita what they need. Since the PS Vita WiFi is being used, downloads will be much slower. Please see my guide here to install PKGj.

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  1. I bought a psvita and it runs on fw3.72 and i am completely new to hacking i managed to install hencore 2 and vita shell by watching you tube tutorials… What is the next thing i should do?? How to use a sd2vita?

  2. Hi friend. I play online everyday and can access my trophies on my psvita on 3.60 but a couple of hours ago I can’t access the store or my tropies, I keep getting the update message and the code NP-2066-4. I tried changing the DNS and the spoofed version on Henkaku but the problem persists. How can I fix this issue?

    The only thing I did today was changing the avatar of my ps account on my ps4.

    1. I would try to start your vita in airplane mode and then try the DNS trick. Also open up Vitashell and see if you have a PSP2UPDATE in ud0, and if you do delete it.

  3. I am a new ps vita member and my ps vita firmware is 3.70,so can i still get henkaku and if i reboot my ps vita will the games that i installed still be there?

  4. Wow,
    i just got my Henkaku’d 3.60 ps vita and I am loving it.
    You guys are awesome!!
    I got me a lot of games working, including the retroarch with skins

    Thing is, I want to use a sd2vita but when I do the steps and I restart I loose my vitashell and all my other games eventhough I copied everything to the sd. So, it’s there but it cannot be found.
    Can you help?

    1. Did you enable show hidden folders and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” option?

  5. Love the website and guides has been very helpful.

    Just wondering if there is a way to remove or disable system apps such as near, calendar, welcome park etc?

    1. Thank you for using my site! Unfortunately, the default apps that come with the Vita are not removable. I put them all into 2 bubbles and leave them in the bottom pages.

  6. I have a 2k system that I purchased with H-encore already on it and it uses SD2vita… my question is if I can take out the SD2vita so I can play games I physically own? Or is there some way to move the SD2vita stuff to an official memory card and leave the game slot empty so that I can still play my physical copies?

    1. The one downside of sd2vita is that physical games becomes really inconvenient. You can take out the sd2vita and play the physical and the Vita would then store the save on your internal memory or Sony memory card. To moved everything from your sd2vita to your sony memory card, assuming your Sony memory card is big enough, plug your microsd card into your pc and follow steps 1 to 3 on my sd2vita guide here: https://psvitamod.com/sd2vita/. You are basically copying and pasting everything from one card to another. Seems pointless to have a sd2vita though if you want to go that route.

      1. That’s what I wasn’t sure of. I bought the system already modded so I didn’t know what I could and couldn’t do. I modded my 3ds and can still do physical carts when I want to, was curious if vita was similar. Thought I was saving myself a few steps buying a system already modded but I realize now that I don’t really know it’s full capabilities. Lol if I ever do decide to play physical carts do I need to do anything special before removing and replacing the SD2vita? Will the system already know to save to the Sony memory card when SD2vita is out?

  7. Hello CFWConsoles!
    First of all, I want to say a huge thank you for your guides, they’re awesome.
    I’ve just bought a Vita. Current setup:
    – SYSTEM: Vita Slim (PCH-2016)
    – FW: 3.68
    – CFW: H-Encore
    – SD: 128GB SD2Vita with VitaShell, PKGj and some homebrews / games installed
    Everything is working fine, though I want to change the PSN user associated to the system (to mine instead of the previous owner’s account). Is there any method without reformatting / clearing the hacks and games already installed? (I’ve spent a lot of time setting up emulators and games…)
    Thank you in anticipation!

    1. Yes, there is an app called SimpleAccountSwitcher that allows you to do that. Since you don’t have ENSO I believe you have to delete your id.dat by clicking on unlink memory card in Henkaku settings before running that app.

      1. Thank you. There’s a warning in the official SAS documentation:
        “DO NOT USE WITH SD2Vita/PSVSD (on ux0) IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ENSO! it WILL ask you to format your memory card upon reboot! if you MUST switch accounts. you can manually remove /id.dat from the REAL memory card/internal storage.”
        I just wanted to doublecheck this and I do not see the id.dat file in any drives. In my case, does “The REAL memory card/internal storage” mean the the slim’s built-in 1GB storage? (I’m pretty noob in the vita cfw scene, so I don’t know which letter represents which drives.)

        1. Yes, the step where I told you to unlink the memory card in Henkaku Settings will delete the id.dat. You can tell if your sd2vita is on ux0 if you have a tai folder in ux0. The real memory card is the Sony Memory Card and internal storage is the built in 1GB storage.

          1. I have a tai folder on ux0 (1.5 GB in size) which is empty – and also a tai folder on ur0 (120 GB in size) which has some files like config.txt, henkaku_config.bin and some others with *.skprx extension.
            So, is it safe to move on? Is there anything which I should backup?

          2. Sorry, the other way around:
            ur0 – 1.5 GB in size, tai folder is full
            ux0 – 120 GB in size, tai folder is empty

          3. If you have a tai folder in both then the Vita is running off of ux0. You can move all the files in your ux0:tai folder to the ur0:tai folder and then change the config.txt in the ur0:tai folder to ur0:tai. Afterwards, you can delete the ux0:tai folder.

  8. i really hope you can help me with this. so i jail broke my vita (enso 3.60) with no issues. but after a few weeks i got a sd2 vita . so yesterday i tried to install it through auto plugin in. and im not sure what went wrong but every time i tried to open any type of file explore app i get the error c2 12828-1 save core file succeeded. i have tried everything from re installing henkaku over and over to formatting my memory card, installing vitashell from qcma, ive tried everything and i cant get a file explore to open. any help would be awesome.

    1. What is the name of the programs that are you giving you that error? Did you installed sd2vita correctly, do you see your microsd size in Vitashell or content manager?

      1. vita shell and molecular are the apps giving me the errors and i do not think i installed sd2vita correctly and thats why im getting all these errors. but i cant tell if i installed it correctly because i cant get the apps to open. ive formatted and restored everything and still nothing

        1. It doesn’t sound like you have ENSO installed, what kind of Vita do you have? When you first hacked your Vita were you using a Sony Memory card?

          1. I have the original fat version and yes I was using the orginal memory card. Is there anyway I could install enso through qcma ? Since I cant get vita shell or molecular shell to open to reinstall it.

          2. When you go into your Settings/System Information, do you see two Japanese characters next to your System Software? Also when you boot up your Vita do you see the ENSO boot logo instead of the Sony logo? Does all these errors still occur when you remove the sd2vita adapter and just run off your official Sony memory card?

    2. Yeah i have the two Japanese characters next to 3.60 and i still have the enso logo on boot and i also tried to do everything with just the sony memory card in

      1. Then it does sound like you have ENSO installed, I would delete the Vitashell and molecularshell and then reinstall Molecularshell through the HEnkaku website.

          1. Hmmm this is a tough one, so to recap: Everything worked until you started using autoplugin, which step in installing the sd2vita did you noticed the error? I want you to try turning off the Vita, hold L, and then turn on the Vita. See if Vitashell will work then, if not try reinstalling from the Henkaku website again.

          2. correct everything worked fine until i tried to install sd2vita and i dont remeber witch step i realized something was wrong i just realized all of a sudden that i couldn’t open vita shell or another apps like that. and i just tried holding L on startup and its the same error. im really at a loss on this one

          3. do you know of a way to install the enso bubble from qcma instead of through a vpk install? i think if i can just get the enso bubble on here and reinstall it, it would fix it

          4. Even if you did, can’t install anything without Vitashell or molecularshell. Last thing I would try is to reboot into safe mode and rebuild the database.

    3. you cant just use autoplugin right away for your sd2vita, you need a pc a program called win32diskmanager with zzblank.img then format it, then open vita shell copy everything from your original memory card, dont forget to show all hidden files including in the folder options (hide protect operating system files) (recommended) once everything done, then you can use the autoplug to install sd2vita. use sd2vita as ux0 delete the folder ux0/tai thats it you can now use your sd card as your main card

  9. Hello,
    I just want to ask if it is possible to install H-Encore on vita 3.65 without official Sony SD card to save some money? For example with the SD2Vita? I guess not since in order to use the SD2 Vita you need to have it hacked first right?
    Thank you for all the help and support!!!

    1. I assume you are on the 1000 series or the “phat” Vita which has no internal memory. Unfortunately your assumption are correct because you have to install H-Encore somewhere.

  10. Hey, I have purchased an already-hacked PS vita, it is on firmware v. 3.65, it came all themed up and included some installed games and apps, but the microSD was only 64gb. I have a 400gb microSD, and I’d love to use it instead of the 64gb one lol. I’ve tried looking online and haven’t come across anything like my situation. Do you think you could help explain what I should do? All I want is to take everything that’s on my PS Vita (and the 64gb microSD), and transfer it all to my 400gb microSD and use it instead. Maybe there is a tutorial for this and I just haven’t found it? Anyways, thanks and I hope there is an easy explanation and that I am able to do this!

    1. Sure thing, I would start at my guide here (https://psvitamod.com/sd2vita/) and do steps 5 – 8. For step 8, you are just transferring everything in your 64BG microsd card to your 400 one. Don’t forget to enable view hidden folders when you do the transfer (see step 2 to do that).

      1. Was wondering if anyone can help me out!! So I have a ps vita with version 3.63 never updated but I made the mistake of leaving it on for the automatic update downloaded..I didn’t install it through yet..but when I tried hacking the vita as show in many hacks via YouTube..it prompts me saying download version complete when I adjust my network settings and try to update via WiFi ..does anyone have any ideas wondering what I should do now

        1. Do you know which update it downloaded, because if it is 3.70 worst case is to update to 3.70 and then downgrade (but you must do this quickly as the new firmware 3.71 is out). However, if it is 3.71 do not update it.

          1. Well that’s the thing I was about to go forward and update and noticed it was 3.71 which is the new update that prohibits some of the new jail brakes..now totally stuck on which I should do now

          2. ok great download complete….everything seems to be working but i still am yet to download a firmware….should i update it to the 3.65 like you said or go higher to like a 3.68…whats your opinion

          3. I would update it to 3.65 so you can still install Enso on it and not have to install Henakaku every time you shut down the Vita.

          4. also wondering where i can find roms to download…which websites do u recommend? for snes nes sega etc….

          5. For everything not from nopaystation, I would see if it is on reddit such as googling SNES roms reddit.

        2. Yessir…but only the retro arch is working not adrenaline just keeps crashing saying error occurred…so maybe what ur talking about..ok so to avoid any problems install 3.65 do u have a guide on how too??

          1. Just to confirm, when you go to system information under Settings you see 3.63? IF so, how did you install Henkaku and Vitashell? Unfortunately, I don’t have a guide to update to 3.65 because I only do guides on hacks I did myself. The only time you would need to update to 3.65 is if you are on 3.61 or 3.63, which is a rare situation and I never had a Vita on those firmwares.

      2. Which is the best way to update to 3.65 than Enso..also I have already installed henkaku…and installed the vita shell, retro arch and adrenaline..will I lose all this and need to re install?

          1. Are you sure about that because you can’t install all those apps you mentioned while on 3.63.

        1. Yessir…so I actually I’m looking at it now..it is at 3.63 with the Chinese symbol next to it..which means of course it’s hacked and i can run retroarch…I did shut the system down and see what would happen…everything stayed all I need to do is run h encore and that was pretty much it..put I do know adrenaline isn’t running error message keeps coming up…I guess I’m going to look up updating and check out what happens..but it is weird that it’s working

          1. Negative never updated!! Going to try…but I did try this after with tech savvy YouTube post and it didn’t work!! Will try this one and see what happens

  11. is there a way i can still play physical games with sd2vita? like if i get a small official card and leave it in the official memory card slot will it work if i take out the adapter out of the game slot and replace it with an official physical game?

    1. No, the microSD card can only go in the game slot. The memory card slot can only read the Sony memory card. You have two solutions, get a digital copy of your games from NoPayStation or pkgj or rip the contents of your physicial game. The first option is the easier one and you can see my guides on how to do that.

  12. I installed PKGI on my vita but cant download any games. My Firmware is on 3.70 . Will they make PKGi run on 3.70 in the future? I have been waiting for them to update the PKGi

    1. No, most hacks are not compatible on 3.70. Trinity is just so you can downgrade your Vita to a compatible firmware, best to be on 3.60 or 3.65.

  13. I have followed the pkgj guide and sdtovita guide, why does the thing “GPU Driver detects GPU crash” appeared?

  14. hello i just recently got a vita that was on firmware 3.70 and as i was following your guide i slammed into a wall with “Step 6: Use Command Prompt to Decrypt Game.” as my cmd prompt when i put this
    “C:\Users\XXXXX>cd”C:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\PS Vita\PGAME\XXXXXXXXXXXXXX\NPUG80318″ ”
    into command prompt it always without fail says
    “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.”
    anything you know that can help me out of this stump my guy

    1. Hmm first thing I notice in your cmd, is there a space between the cd and “C:/…..” Also is the PSP game really in that file location you have in the cmd?

      1. OK, thank you i missed the space everytime I tried it and when I run it with the space and everything worked fine thank you for the response

    1. It might not be compatible on 3.70 or you might encounter issues. Trinity is just so you could downgrade the Vita to a firmware that supports all the hacks.

  15. Hey m8,
    Ive done something but I don’t know what. Its similar to other problems out there but its a lil different so I can’t find a fix. I tried downgrading. It didn’t work. Then I turned off my Vita and now getting error C1-6775-5 on everything so yeh don’t know how to fix. They say reinstall Henkaku in the browser but it doesn’t do it on 3.70 so yeh I’ve seen people with this problem but none have 3.70. So I’ve tried a few things but no go. So should I maybe format the sd card? Try redoing Trinity? That seems like all thats left to do but if it stuffs up more but tbh I dunno how much crapper it can get. Nothing works. Anyway I’ll probably try reinstalling Trinity via wiping the sd card before u reply so yeh I’ll edit and add how I went I suppose. It was only hacked for an hour. I was enjoying the hell out of it but no one in these install hack vids said don’t turn it off!!!!!!! I didn’t know u couldn’t. Jeez. Really annoyed. Can’t believe theres nothing on this too.

    1. So what happened when you try to downgrade, which step did you get stuck on? The henkaku hack is not permanent without installing ENSO, so when you restart or turn off your vita you have to launch trinity again to install Henkaku.

  16. Good Day Sir ! I’m just wondering , when will you post a guide for installing enso on FW 3.65
    I prefer to follow your guides since they are the most intuitive among others I’ve seen.
    ( would’nt want to brick my baby )
    Thank You for all the wonderful guides 🙂

  17. Hello, I am considering buying a ps vita but I don’t want to get those pricey vita memory card and just get the sd2vita and a 128gigs microsd. Is an official memory card required to hack and essentially use the sd2vita or can I do everything using the inbuilt storage of Vita slim ? Also, is it possible to store and access game pkg and save from the sd2vita card ?

    1. If you have the slim version with the 1 GB internal memory then no you don’t need the expensive Sony memory card. The sd2vita is essentially taking the place of the Sony memory card, there are no limitations to sd2vita compared to the Sony card EXPECT that you can’t really play physical games. This is because sd2vita has to be inserted in the gameslot.

  18. Hi, I’m about to buy a ps vita. Is there anything I should do first so everything else will be great? Thank you!

    1. Well, since all Vitas can be hack I would not pay more for those that are said to be on a lower firmware. The easiest Vita to hack are those on 3.60 but still not worth paying extra for. I would only pay more for a brand new Vita or an unique color one. Other than that, I would just check to see if everything works on the Vita (can it charge, does WiFi work, do you hear sound, open a few apps and use the shoulder buttons to switch in between the apps just to test the shoulder buttons, also play the Welcome Park app to make sure the button and camera works. These are the things I checked for when I buy a Vita locally.

          1. Thank you! It arrives today, so I’ll be able to check what version it is and then I’ll start from your guide and then go from there. Thank you again.

          2. Thank you! Do you have way to play pc games on the vita that have already been purchased? For instance, I bought a game called Hades from epic games and am not sure how I can get Epic games launcher on the Vita. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

          3. I don’t know about Epic games launcher but if your PC has a Nvidia GPU, then you can install Moonlight and that can stream PC games to the Vita.

          4. Thank you for all your help. One last question for a while that might be kinda silly: is there a way to make an intel graphics card mirror a nvidia one, or something similar to moonlight for an intel? Thank you!

          5. Don’t think so because you need to use the NVIDIA GameStream, which only NVIDIA graphics card can use, at least that is my understanding of why it has to be NVIDIA.

  19. hello, i want to ask, do i need to update my vita to 3.65 (mine is 3.60) to play nonpdrm game? i try to install no pay station games, but failed

    1. No, you can stay on 3.60. Were you able to install the game and get a bubble in your home screen? Older firmware need to download compatability packs or use the reF00D plugin to play newer games.

  20. If I use a micro sd card via adapter to use as my main storage for my ps vita can I still use my psn account to download games off the psn store?

    1. Yes, as long as you spoof your Vita to 3.70 you should be able to use your PSN normally like you never hacked it.

  21. Hi,
    Forgive me I am noob!! I just bought a vita it has 3.69 firmware, so does that me I cannot install H-Encore? I want to be able to remote play using my ps4 controller. I have tried but I had to make an another account and sign in as player 2. I would love to be able to play PS One games and other cool games, but it sounds like I can’t since I have 3.69 firmware. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Gregory,
      The only good news I see here is that you just brought your Vita recently so I would try to return it. If you want to hack your Vita, your best bet is to find a Vita on 3.68 or lower. Otherwise you can’t hack it. Good luck, I know this isn’t really the news you wanted to hear.

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