Modoru is a plugin that allows the PS Vita to downgrade to the lowest factory firmware version. This guide will show users how to downgrade their Vita to a lower official firmware. It is recommended to downgrade to firmware 3.60 because it is easier to install ENSO on 3.60. However, PS Vita that are fairly brand new may not be able to downgrade below 3.67.  After downgrading, you will need to hack your Vita again.   

Files and Programs Needed

VitaShell: GitHub Link
Modoru: GitHub Link
3.60 Official Firmware: MediaFire Link
3.65 Official Firmware: GitHub Link
3.67 Official Firmware: MediaFire Link
3.68 Official Firmware: MediaFire Link
Make sure you Enable Unsafe Homebrew in HENkaku Settings.

Step 1: Download all Files.

  • Download Modoru and the firmware of your choosing.
    • Note: Not all Vita can be downgraded to 3.60 or 3.65. If your Vita was created in 2018 or beyond start with 3.65. 

Step 2: Use VitaShell to Transfer Files.

  • Back on your Vita, launch Vitashell, press Start and change “SELECT button” to USB.
  • Press O to cancel main settings and then press select to connect your Vita to your PC.
  • Transfer the files into any folder that just popped up (I created a folder called VPK).

Step 3:Use VitaShell to Install Files.

  • Once the files are done transferring, press X on the modoru.vpk file to install it.
  • Press X twice to confirm Yes for both pop ups.

Step 4: Move PSP2UPDAT.PUP.

  • Highlight PSP2UPDAT.PUP and press Triangle and then Copy.
  • Press O to go back and then to ux0:app/MODORU000.
  • While in ux0:app/MODORU000, highlight the .. then press Triangle and then Paste.

Step 5: Rename or Delete Tai Folder.

  • You have to disable all your plugins in order to use Modoru.
  • To do so:
    1. If you have not installed any other plugins or hacks, you can delete the tai folder.
    2. If you have some hacks/apps that you installed and would like to transfer over after the downgrade:
      • rename the Tai folder to anything other than Tai (I named it “T” in my example.)
  • In my setup, my tai folder is in ur0.
  • If you have a tai folder in ux0, rename/delete the ux0:tai instead.

Step 6: Unlink Memory Card.

This step is not necessary if you are not using a memory card.

  • Go out to the Home screen/Settings/Henkaku Settings.
  • Click on the UnLink Memory Card.
  • Click on the Reboot Device

Step 7: Relaunch H-Encore/Trinity.

  • Once on, the Vita should update the database and then return to the home screen.
  • Go to H-Encore/Trinity and then Install HENkaku.
  • Press X on Exit.

Step 8: Enable Unsafe Homebrew.

  • Go to Settings/HENkaku Settings and press X on “Enable Unsafe Homebrew.”

Step 9: Launch Modoru.

  • Scroll down to the Modoru icon and press X to launch it.
  • Press X to confirm and wait 20 seconds.
  • Press X to accept the terms and begin the installation.
    Note: If you are getting “Error 0x80010002 opening ux0:app/MODORU000/PSP2UPDAT.PUP” it means your Vita is too new and can’t use that firmware. Download the next highest firmware and repeat step 4. 

Step 10: Update.

  • Modoru should then close out and a green System Update screen will appear.
  • Wait for the update to finish and go to settings and system information to see your new firmware. 

*If you downgraded from Trinity, there is a good chance that the Trinity icon will disappear. That is normal and nothing to be worry about since Trinity is only for firmwares 3.69-3.70. 

  • If you downgraded to 3.60, follow my next guide here to install HENkaku ENSO.
  • If you downgrade to 3.65, 3.67 or 3.68, follow my next guide here to install Hencore. 

29 thoughts on “Modoru – Downgrade the PS Vita”

  1. i am on fw 3.70 and i did hack my psvita. But if i downgrade my psvita do my games and save data get deleated. If so is there any way to recover the games and save data even if im on a lower firmware

    1. I don’t think they would, I have downgraded from 3.65 to 3.60 and everything was still there. However, you can play it safe and backup your saves. The save files are located at ux0:user/00/savedata. You can backup up the savedata folder and paste it back if the save data disappear from the downgrade. For games, I would just install them again.

        1. Are these official games? Official games are not going to stay, but you can reinstall them from PSN, cart, or PKGJ. My mistake, I assumed these were “hacked games.”

  2. Hello, whenever I am disabling the plugins, it no longer is giving me the options to look at my henkaku settings, I am assuming this is because of disabling the plugin that allows it to appear in the first place but I cant think of any other way that you would be able to disable the plugins without also disabling your access to henkaku settings. Any help is appreciated

    1. Did you reset or turn off your Vita when you disable the plugins because disabling the plugins wouldn’t take effect until you reset or turn off the Vita. Are you stuck on step 6 then, I would try moving on to Step 7 to install Henkaku then go back to Step 6.

      1. Before I go into explaining anymore, its good to note that I am currently running 3.70 on a PSTV, I am using a usb memory stick as well. I attempted to do step 7 before step 6, but after booting up modoru it told me that it was corrupted. I am aware this is because I dont have enough memory, however I must mount my usb to ux0 before I am able to have enough memory. My default ux0 does not have enough storage on it to run modoru no matter how much I delete from it. Even if I did have enough memory to install it, trinity already installed a new tai folder before I could run modoru, it does this after not detecting a tai folder I believe. I am not sure how to set it up so that I can run and use modoru without having to run trinity, which trinity installs new config files before I can run modoru. Sorry if that is a little hard to follow at all, tried making it as straightforward and understandable as a complicated problem like this can be haha.

        1. The PSTV comes with 1 GB of internal storage, how much memory do you have left on ux0? Did you rename your original tai folder to T, if so you can you delete the other tai folders to disable plugins. What is the exact error when you launch Modoru?

  3. Hi guy,

    I went to The Official Flow main website. It said that I need to have Henkaku in the system to proceed further with the downgrade. Could you please let me know is this true? As my purpose was to downgrade the psvita so that I can hack the system. Why would we need to downgrade if we already have Henkaku install?

    Sorry, I’m a completely nob in this area. Could you please explain this whole thing for me if possible? Thanks!

    1. Sure, there are two main reasons that I discussed at the end of my Trinity guide. The first is most hacks are not compatible on 3.70, so all the fancy stuff you see people doing with their hacked Vitas, you won’t be able to do all of it. The second reason is just precautionary but Sony could release a new patch or another firmware update that could prevent Trinity from working. Also, downgrading should allow you to install Enso, the permanent hack. If you were able to installed Trinity then there’s no why reason you can’t handle a downgrade.

  4. Yes, just when im launching Modoru, instead of seeing what it to suppossed to show ( in the step 8: Launch Modoru) , it just appear Error 0x80010002 opening ux0:app/MODORU000/PSP2UPDAT.PUP.
    Also: Theres too much difference between the 3.60 and 3.65, in terms of the games that I can download?
    Again, Thank You.

    1. Can you see what factory firmware you have in Step 9 (I realized I had two step 8 and fixed it). If it is 3.60 or below then I am going to upload a new link. The difference between 3.60 and 3.65 won’t matter if you install reF00d or compatibility packs, if you don’t install one of the two then there would be more games that are compatible for 3.65 than 3.60.

      1. I cant see the factory firmware; when I open modoru all I see is:
        –Modoru v1.0
        by TheFlow

        Error 0x80010002 opening ux0:app/MODORU000/PSP2UPDAT.PUP.

        1. My hunch is your Vita is too new and can’t be downgraded to 3.60, can you try the 3.65 link and see if that works for you?

          1. I downgraded it to 3.65, and when Im started the PSVITA, the bubble of Trinity have disappear. It is normal?

          2. Yes, the 3.65 works on my PSVITA, but its normal that the Trinity bubble disappear, just leaving the Vitashell and Modoru ( I cant open any of this two)

          3. Yes, Trinity is for hack Vitas on 3.69 or 3.70, you have to use Hencore to hack 3.65.

  5. Yes, the file size is 127.48MB, and PSVUPDAT.PUP. was the name of the file when I downloaded it. Anyway, thanks for the help

  6. Hi, I have the same error, and I get the PSP2UPDAT.PUP from your link. I checked, and I put the correct name. I´m trying the 3.60

    1. How big is the file you downloaded? It should be 127MB or 130,544KB and when you first download it the name is PSVUPDAT.PUP. Is that the file you rename? I might have to find another source for update file as the file is too big for me to host on my site.

  7. hi, when i tap on Unlink Memory Card its shows this message:

    ux0:id.dat has been deleted. This memory card can now be used on any vita.

    What should i do?

    1. It means your memory card can be used on any Vita assuming it is the same firmware and PSN account. If you reset the Vita it should just update the database and you should be good to go.

  8. Good morning and thanks for your guide.
    I got this message when I want install Modoru:

    Error 0x80010002 opening ux0:app/MODORU000/PSP2UPDAT.PUP.

    I am new in the “modification PS Vita field”, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want screw my PSV. ¿Can you help me? Please.

    (Sorry for my english language).

    1. Not a problem, I believe the issue is your Vita can’t downgrade to 3.60 because it is too new. Modoru can only downgrade to the factory firmware that the Vita was created in. Try using the 3.65 file.

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