By launching H-Encore to hack your PS Vita, users will eventually experience a trophy warning whenever they try to open up a game. This guide will show you how to remove this warning by altering H-Encore through VitaShell.
Programs Needed:
VitaShell: GitHub Link

Step 1: Enable Unsafe Homebrews.

  • Go to Setting/HENkaku Settings and make sure Enable Unsafe Homebrews is checked.

Step 2: Launch VitaShell.

  • Launch VitaShell and go to ux0:user/00/savedata/ and go down to the Folder PCSG90096.
  • Press Triangle and press X on Open decrypted.

Step 3: Copy System.dat and remove PCSG90096.

  • Go to system.dat, press Triangle and select Copy.
  • Press O to go back to ux0:user/00/savedata
  • Highlight “..” press Triangle and then Paste.
  • Highlight PCSG90096, press Triangle and select Delete.

Step 4: Close VitaShell and Launch H-Encore.

  • Exit out of VitaShell and go launch H-Encore.
  • The game Bitter Smile will pop up.

Step 5: Close H-Encore/Bitter Smile.

  • When you see this screen, close out of the demo, go back to the home screen, and launch VitaShell.

Step 6: In VitaShell Move System.dat Back.

  • Back in VitaShell, a new PCSG90096 folder will appear at ux0:user/00/savedata. 
  • Highlight system.dat, press Triangle and select Copy.
  • Highlight PCSG90096, press Triangle, and then Open decrypted.
  • Go to “..” and press Triangle and select Paste.
  • Press O to go back to ux0:user/00/savedata, highlight system.dat, press Triangle, and select Delete.
  • Now whenever you open a game or app you will no longer get a pop up warning you about not being able to earn trophies.

Note: If you are using games or other apps with saved data from another PSN account you will also get the trophy warning and that is a different issue. Please see my guide here ( to remove that trophy warning.

10 thoughts on “Remove Trophy Warning from Hencore”

  1. I accidentally deleted a system.dat file and now I don’t know how to get it back? is there a way to get it back for my vitashell?

  2. I accidentally deleted system.dat and now I cant paste it into the folder, what do I do? Is there a way to get that file from google or something?

  3. I followed the tutorial and now always starts the Bittersmile thing and message: app0: resoucrce \ sound \ BGM_KEIKAI.at9 appears. Vita Shell does not start anymore. Error message (C1-6775-5). What should I do?
    I should actually be able to start from scratch with another memory card? Have no internal memory. Thank you

    1. Do you have a copy of Hencore saved on QCMA? I would delete Hencore on your Vita, connect to QCMA, and copy over the Hencore to your Vita.

  4. On Step 6, you need to press Triangle and “Open Decrypted” on the PCSG90096 folder before you paste your system.dat back in. Otherwise it will not work.

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