By launching H-Encore to hack your PS Vita, users will eventually experience a trophy warning whenever they try to open up a game. This guide will show you how to remove this warning by altering H-Encore through VitaShell.
Programs Needed:
VitaShell: GitHub Link

Step 1: Enable Unsafe Homebrews.

Go to Setting/HENkaku Settings and make sure Enable Unsafe Homebrews is checked.

Step 2: Launch VitaShell.

Open up VitaShell and go to ux0:user/00/savedata/ and go down to the Folder PCSG90096. Press Triangle and press X on Open decrypted.

Step 3: Copy System.dat and remove PCSG90096.

Go to system.dat, press Triangle and select Copy. Press O to go back to ux0:user/00/savedata, highlight “..” press Triangle and then Paste. Go highlight PCSG90096, press Triangle and select Delete.

Step 4: Close VitaShell and Launch H-Encore.

Exit out of VitaShell and go launch H-Encore. The game Bitter Smile will pop up.

Step 5: Close H-Encore/Bitter Smile.

When you see this screen, close out of the demo, go back to the home screen, and launch VitaShell.

Step 6: In VitaShell Move System.dat Back.

Back in VitaShell, a new PCSG90096 folder will appear at ux0:user/00/savedata. Highlight system.dat, press Triangle and select Copy. Press X on PCSG90096, go to “..” and press Triangle and select Paste. Press O to go back to ux0:user/00/savedata, highlight system.dat, press Triangle, and select Delete.
Now whenever you open a game or app you will no longer get a pop up warning you about not being able to earn trophies.

Note: If you are using games or other apps with saved data from another PSN account you will also get the trophy warning and that is a different issue. Please see my guide here ( to remove that trophy warning.

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