The reF00D plugin will allow Vita to run games or apps that requires a higher firmware. Therefore, players can stay on a lower firmware to have Enso and play newer games. If using PKGj, reF00D will replace the compatibility packs and eliminate the need to download them.

Files Needed

reF00D: GitHub Link 
keys.bin: MediaFile Link

Step 1: Download reF00D and Keys.bin.

  • Download reF00D and Keys.bin.
  • Launch Vitashell, press START and make sure SELECT button is set to USB.
  • Press SELECT to start the USB connection and transfer reF00D and Keys.bin to any folder (I created a folder called VPK).

Step 2: Transfer reF00D and Keys.bin to Tai Folder.

    • After transfer is complete, press SQUARE on reF00d.skprx and Keys.bin to mark them.
    • Press TRIANGLE and then go to COPY.
    • Now go to your tai folder in either ur0 or ux0.
      • If you have both, it is best to just have the tai folder in ur0 and delete the tai folder in ux0.
  • Press X on the tai folder and while highlighting .. , press TRIANGLE to PASTE.

Step 3: Edit Confiq.txt File.

  • Press X on the confiq.txt.
  • IF you have nonpdrm installed, highlight nonpdrm.skprx and press TRIANGLE and Insert Empty line (reF00D has to come after nonpdrm).
    • Otherwise, highlight *KERNEL and press TRIANGLE and Insert Empty line.
  • Type in reF00D.skprx (make sure it is Zero instead of the letter O, capitalization does not matter).
  • Confirm the changes.

Step 4: Reboot the Vita.

  • While still in Vitashell, press START and then Reboot.
  • Test out reF00D by launching something that requires a higher firmware.

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