SD2Vita lets you use a micro SD card instead of the PS Vita memory card. You'll have to buy an adapter and insert it into the game slot. Therefore, you can't play physical games and use a micro Sd card at the same time.

You will need the following items:


SD2Vita Adapter V5.0

This tutorial will be using the SD2Vita Adapter 5.0. It is the newest one as of 2018 and will fit into the PS Vita slim without any modifications. I got mine here.


Micro SD Card

Get a legitimate micro SD card. If the price seems too good to be true then it is probably fake; buy from reputable sellers. I got mine here.

Files Needed

Gamecard-MicroSD: GitHub Link
Win32 Disk Imager: SourceForge Link
zzBlank.img: GoogleDrive Link
VitaShell: GitHub Link
Make sure you Enable Unsafe Homebrew in HENkaku Settings

Step 1: Back up all the contents on your Sony memory card through VitaShell.


Launch Vitashell and press start to bring up main settings and change "SELECT button" to USB. Press Select to connect to your PC through USB. Wait for a screen to pop on your PC containing all the files on your memory card.

Step 1B: Enable Hidden Folders.

Show Hidden Folders

You need to enable View Hidden folders to see everything in your memory card. Go to View / Options / Change folder and search options / View / and select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives", and make sure to uncheck "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)."  Click Ok.

For Mac Users, you can use CMD + SHIFT + . to enable hidden folders and again to turn off the view.

Step 1C: Copy all Contents in your Memory Card to a Backup Folder.

MEmory CArd Backup

The folder that just popped up when you connect through USB contains everything in your Sony Memory Card. Once hidden folders are enabled, copy everything in that folder to your back up folder.

Step 2: Download gamesd.skprx

Moving to Tai

Locate the Tai folder in your memory card folder. Download the gamesd.skprx plugin from Github and put it in the Tai folder.

Note: I have extra files in my Tai folder because I installed other hacks.

Step 3: Move Tai Folder


Press O to cancel the USB connection. In VitaShell, scroll down to ux0: and press X, scroll down to Tai Folder and press Triangle to bring up the menu and select "Copy". Press O to back out until you see ur0: and press X on ur0. Select the ".." and press triangle to paste.


Step 4: Edit the Config.txt file in ur0: FOLDER.

Step4 Config Tai

Go into the new tai folder you just pasted and press X on the config.txt file. Scroll down to *Kernal and press Triangle to bring up a menu. Press “Insert empty line” and type in “ur0:tai/gamesd.skprx". Press O to go back out to your config file and then O again to exit. Press X to save your modifications.

Note: Other hacks will require you to type in other plugins under the *KERNEL, but these should go under ur0:tai/gamesd.skprx instead of *KERNEL. ur0:tai/gamesd.skprx should always be under *KERNEL.

Step 5: Delete the Tai Folder in ux0:

SD2Vita Step5

Press O until you see ux0: and press X on it. Select the tai folder and press Triangle to bring up the menu and select Delete. Press X to confirm the deletion and press START to pull up the main settings. Scroll down to "Reboot" to restart the Vita. You always need to reboot the Vita whenever you make changes in the config.txt file.

Note: The uxo: directory is for removable storage (where your Sony memory card was). The deletion of the tai folder in ux0: is important because without it your Vita won't load your Sony memory card. The vita will instead load from the tai folder on ur0: which we edited to load your microSD card. 

Step 6: Use Win32DiskImager and ZZBLANK.img file on MicroSD Card.

Install SD2Vita.pt6

Plug your MicroSD card into your PC, and take note of the letter your PC assigns to the card. Install and open Win32DiskImager. While in Win32DiskImager, click on the blue folder icon and select the zzBlank.img file. The location of the zzBlank.img file will now appear under Image File. Make sure your microSD card is under Device and then click Write.

Step 7: Eject MicroSD Card and Format it.

Install SD2Vitapt8

Safety eject your MicroSD card and plug it right back into PC. You will get a prompt that says the MicroSD will need to be formatted. Click on Format disk.

Step 8: Format MicroSD Card.

Install SD2Vitapt9

Change the "Allocation unit size" to "Default Allocation size" and make sure the "File system" is "exFAT (Default)". Click on Start.

Step 9: Copy Backed up Contents into MicroSD Card.

Install SD2Vitapt10

Open the folder you backed in Step 1 and copy it all to your MicroSD card. Eject your card from the PC once done.

Step 10: Put MicroSD Card into the SD2Vita Adapter V5.0.

SD2Vita Step12

Now you can put your MicroSD card in the SD2Vita adapter V5.0 and put it in your Vita (insert it at the top of the Vita where you'd insert your physical game). Power on Vita and check your memory card capability via Vitashell or content manager.

Note: If you are on 3.67 or 3.68, your MicroSD card will not be loaded if you shut your Vita down. You need to start h-encore to load your Microsd card whenever you boot up. So if h- encore is on your Sony memory card, you must keep that memory card in your Vita.  However, you can't use both memory cards at the same time.

63 thoughts on “Install MicroSD card”

  1. there is no easy way to quick swap between official Card and Micro SD Card yet ?
    iam asking because i bought a 32GB Sony Card and it dont really wanna let it lying around 🙁

  2. How does it work If I also want to play physical games? Do I take out the sd card and put the game and when finished just put the SD card back again like nothing? or do I have to do this process all over again?

    1. Not really worth it, people usually just play digital games. It really is a pain to play physical games because if you save it, the save would be in the internal memory (if slim) or on your official memory card.

  3. Jaysus that looks awkward as fuck. Was kinda hoping I could just put in the sd card and start using it haha.

  4. I followed everything, and redid it 3 times, but at the last part when i remove the sony proprietary card from the vita, h-encore and vita shell disappear, i checked content manager, it doesn’t detect the sd2vita card, and shows 0GB. When i leave the sony card in, it shows both h-encore and vita shell, and content manager shows my microsd storage correctly.

    I have the original Vita 1000 model on 3.68.

    any help will be appreciated.

    1. It doesn’t sound like you transfer anything to your SD card, where is your tai folder located at? Is it in ux0 or ur0?

      1. I have this same problem and if I take the sony card out I lose encore and vitashell. I deleted ux0:tai and my ur0:tai is setup perfectly, I believe. Now, I can’t just use one. It’s like they’re both relying on each other now. It’s a phat vita, if that matters.

  5. im using 3.68 i try this but after restarting my device and install the hencore again then exit it goes black screen until my device turn off then need to open again is there anyone who can help me with this problem im very frustrated try to set up my sd2vita

  6. I followed all the steps but the sdcard shows up in vitashell under ux0 not ur0. I’ve tried multiple times and each time the sd cards capacity is added to the ux0 directory. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

    1. Actually you are correct, the default is ux:0, I forgot I was using a plugin to switch it. Your SD card should be good to go!

  7. Is it normal, that the sd2vita Folder is now ux0 on the OLED Vita?
    I can’t see the original Memory Card in the Vitashell anymore.
    On this tutorial your sd2vita folder is ur0.
    Do I need to change the tai/settings.txt on ux0 or on ur0 now?

    1. Yes, it being on ux0 is normal. I forgot in my tutorial that I was using another hack that turns it into ur0. It’s been corrected!

    1. Hi Sidney, is there a certain step that is giving you trouble? At least half of the steps are done on your Vita and most of the steps on the PC are dragging folders. I haven’t done this on a Mac but I do have one; I have been getting a few requests for a mac tutorial.

    1. No you don’t need the Sony memory card unless you used a Sony memory card to install H-encore and Vitashell because you want to transfer those over to your SD card. Also if you are using internal memory, I believe the tai folder will be in ur0 and not ux0 but make sure once you start installing SD2Vita.

  8. Bro I Have Question May Tai Folder in Ur0 in config.txt the extension file is same in Uxo Folder
    ux0:tai/etc like that. the same ur0 i remodify them at Step thanks sori for my english

          1. Not a problem, thanks for using my guide. When you put in the SD2Vita Adapter, you want the Vita to be off and then turn it on after you insert the SD2Vita.

  9. Probably the best, most straightforward SD2Vita tutorial out there at the moment. Instead of glossing over the process the author breaks the hack into discrete steps and takes the time to explain how to complete each step … and to explain what you are doing.

    H-encore is a great hack but it took me a few days and a bit of a headache to get it to work. I had absolutely no problems following this tutorial and got it right the first time! The whole process took an hour ONLY because my 8GB Sony card was full. If I had deleted the games on it the process would have taken only minutes (copying from the Vita and to the SD card was sloooow).

    Thank you CFWConsoles for a great tutorial. Instead of 8GB of memory, I now have about 60GB and all for $18 (microSD card) plus $5 for the SD2Vita adapter!

    1. Wow thank you so much for your comment and for using my guide! That’s a pretty good deal you got and it still cost less than the 8GB memory card!

  10. Thanks for your amazing guide. Would like to clarify the following: “Therefore if H-Encore is on your Sony memory card then you need to keep that memory card in your Vita. However, you can’t use both memory cards at the same time.”

    I’m running 3.68 and installed the h-encore on my Vita memory card. Can I keep the Vita memory card just to run the exploit and store the roms on microsd?

    Thanks and sorry if it’s a silly question. Just got a vita and entirely new to this cfw scene.

    1. That’s a good question. Yes, as long as the sd2vita is setup as ux0 in my guide your Sony memory would just be used to launch H-Encore.

  11. hey, I’ve got duplicate files files in my tai when i copied it over there was already a tai folder there. should delete the duplicates? and can i switch over to the vita card memory again?

    1. IF this is your first time doing this, you shouldn’t have a tai folder in UR0 but it should be safe to replace the same files. You can switch over to the Vita memory vita if you want, just take out your microsd card and reset. If so don’t delete anything on the Vita card.

  12. Hello I have used all your guides and they have all worked amazing however ive done this one multiple times and I get a file corrupted error on every app after launching h-encore for the first time ive tried doing some research but every attempt has failed what step would I be messing up?

  13. This did literally nothing. I backed up my saves, copied and pasted them into the micro-sd after updating, followed the instructions to a T and the micro-sd card still cannot be read. I have no idea what I did wrong.

  14. Is there a guide or any tips on upgrading the size of the SD card once this has already been done?

    My scenario……I bought a used vita that is running 3.65 Henkaku Enso (through H-encore) and it came with a 16GB micro sd in the sd2vita. When using that card, everything works as it should. I have been trying to upgrade to a 128gb micro sd but when I copied everything from the 16GB to the 128GB (all hidden files and folders etc) the light blinks on the sd2vita when starting, but vita shell and h-encore disappear from the vita screen and it does not recognize by 128gb card at all.

    1. Is this the slim vita? It could be that Hencore and such are stored in the internal memory. Opps missed the part about your memory card not being recognized, did you format your bigger micro SD card shown in step 6?

    1. This will require a different plug-in than the one I listed. You have to use StorageMgr, with that you can use your Sony memory card to store your backups for Adrenaline but that is about it.

  15. Is it necessary to move contents from Sony card to new SD2Vita card? What if I don’t?

    Also, I followed all of the steps but when I access my drives via VitaShell, my SD2Vita Card shows up as uma0. Not sure if that matters or not?

    1. Are you using a slim and running off the internal memory? Copying the stuff from your Sony memory card is just transferring everything on your Sony Memory card to your new card.

  16. I should mention, my SD2Vita card shows up in VitaShell no problem.

    If I USB to my PC, only card that shows is my Sony card. How do I move files to the SD2Vita via PC? This is ultimately what I need

    1. IT doesn’t sound like you need to, if your everything is working. Moving the files is just transferring the contents in your Sony memory card to your new SD card. However, if you want your sd2Vita to show up on your PC you have to press start in VitaShell and change USB device to sd2vita instead of memory card.

  17. I have a psvita slim with internal 1gb with h-encore and vitashell on it and 8gb sony memory card i bought the same micro sdcard you did but i have a samsung 256gb micro sdcard. My question is do i have to remove the sony 8gb memory card to install nonpdrm games to the sd2vita? Because if i remove the sd2vita i can install games to sony memory and it will work. Now that i have sd2vita its at ux0 and the 8gb sony doesnt show up in vitashell. I connect usb to sdvita using vitashell copy nonpdrm games to it in ux0:app then please triangle to refresh and nothing is found no bubble either.

    1. You don’t have to remove it, but my current setup only allows for one memory card to be used. However, only one memory card can be used to stored games. There is a plugin called storagemgr that allows you to use your Sony memory card as additional storage for roms on adrenaline otherwise there isn’t much other use for the Sony memory card.

    1. No you don’t have to use your Sony memory card anymore plus only one memory card can be used to store all the plugins and games. You can however use the Sony memory card to store all the roms for your emulators, I am working on a guide for that. It is very similar to the steps seen in this guide.

  18. Good Day. Please Help.
    Want to purchase a second ps vita. PS Vita with 3.69 version not hacked (R2 500)
    or Ps Vita With Henkaku/H-Encore/KPGJ and VitaShell. R3 200
    Please Assist. I want to the slim version

    1. I prefer the slim version myself. There is a hack coming for Vitas on 3.69 sometime in late May/June and I will make a guide for it when it comes out. I would just get whichever one is cheaper if you don’t mind hacking it yourself.

  19. I am saying that I want a hacked PS Vita, and thinking whether to buy one already hacked or one NOT hacked. I appreciate all your assistance.

  20. Hi there,

    I really appreciate this great guide – but I just can’t get my vita to work with it…
    I’m following all the steps as listed, I believe, and have done this three times now from scratch (restoring each time to try again).
    Only differences I might have…
    I’m using the 5.0 sd2vita, I have a 400gb micro-sd (genuine) and I have fitted a psvsd inside, though I’m not even attempting the install on that until I can get this to work. I also have enso installed, but other than that – it’s the same setup, on a 3.65 vita.

    Every time I finish the steps above, I just end up with no sign of the SD card, no sight of it in Vitashell.
    I have a 16gb SONY card showing as ux0 and a 2.55gb ur0 (internal?).

    Really stuck and have no idea where I’m going wrong!


    1. Just to add – I think I may have instantly solved my own issue (possibly).

      Reading some of your answers to other peoples posts – I’m not getting a blinking light from the sd2vita slot. I have two of these, and neither give a blinking light, though it does blink if I insert a sony game card.

      So, I reckon I need to order a few more of these and try to get a working one??

      Or does it still sound as if I’m getting it wrong somewhere else?

    2. It does sound like your adapter but what does the confiq.txt in your tai folder look like? Also where is your tai folder ur0 or uxo?

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