Once you have hacked your Vita, Vitashell will take the place of the content manager in allowing you to connect to your PC through USB or FTP server. If for whatever reason you lose access to VitaShell (such as formatting memory or accidental deletion) and did not back it up in QCMA, follow this guide to reinstall it. This guide is for Windows computer.

Files Needed

Qcma: GitHub Link


Content Manager (Default app on the Vita)

You need to have a PSN account linked to your Vita. If you never logged into your Vita before, just log into the PS Store ONCE. That's all it takes to link your account.

Step 1: Install Qcma

  • Download the program for your operating system (this guide will be in Windows).


  • Download and install the appropriate program for your PC.
  • This guide uses the win64-setup.exe.

Step 3: Run Qcma.

  • Qcma will appear in the system tray on the bottom right corner.
  • Right click on the Qcma icon and go to settings.


Step 4: Set up Qcma

  • In the settings, make sure to select the correct firmware on your Vita.
    • Select FW 0.00 (Always up-to-date) if you are not on 3.60.
  • Click OK.

Step 5: Launch Content Manager on PS Vita.

Content Manger Connect
  • Connect your Vita to your PC through USB and go to the Content Manager.
  • Click on Copy Content and then run psvimgtools-frontend (might need to run as Admin).

Note: If you are not connecting, see if you have USB charging on in settings and turn it off.

Step 6: Launch PSVImngTools.

Restore VitaShellPT6
  • Let PSVImgTools run and wait for the pop up to appear.
  • Click on Easy Installers / VitaShell and click Install / Sign to: User###
  • Click Choose Account.
  • Wait for PSVImgTools to say VitaShell Backup Created.

Step 7: Refresh database in Qcma.

Restore VitaShell7
  • Right click on Qcma in the taskbar again and select Refresh Database.
  • Wait for a quick pop up and then go back to the Content Manager in the Vita.

Step 8: Copy VitaShell Onto Your PS Vita.

Copy VitaShell
  • Click on PC - PS Vita System / Applications / PS Vita / VitaShell and press Copy.
  • You will see “The selected content items will be copied to this system.”
  • Wait for the copying to be done.

Step 9: Go Back out to the Home Screen.

Vitashell PT9
  • Go back out to the home screen
  • Scroll all the way down to see the bouncing VitaShell bubble.

90 thoughts on “Restore VitaShell”

  1. My vita shell would not install any vpk files would this help it? Trying to put auto plugin in because it totally reboot on me a couple days agooo thank

    1. No, this is for if you lost Vitashell. I am not sure what issue you are having there. What firmware are you on and are you on the newest version of Vitashell?

  2. Idk why there was no Reply option. Vitashell Black Screen issue has been fixed. Holding the L as mentioned on the Git did not work for me. What did work was following your guide above. At some point my bubble deleting issue fixed itself and I was able to simply delete Vitashell and restore it the way you have here. I have also deleted Adrenaline Bubble Booter Installer and things are still working as they should. Thank you for your help. Of course because I can’t stop tinkering, I’ve got a new issue. CWCheats for Adrenaline just freezes the game.

  3. My Vita is working quite well. Now I’m just trying to clean it up, and I have a few random questions that I can’t figure out.
    1. I have Vitashell in both ur0 and ux0. Is that necessary or can I just copy all the files to ur0 and delete Vitashell from ux0?
    2. Can I delete Adrenaline Bubble Booter Installer after I have Adrenaline Bubbles Manager working?
    3. I’m getting an error C1-2749-2 whenever I try to delete a bubble. The only way I have been able to get rid of them is to delete all the files from app/ and appmeta/, rebuild database, remove SD2VITA card, reboot, reinsert SD2VITA card, reboot.

    1. 1) You should just have one Vitashell and one tai folder. It is best to have the tai folder in ur0, please see Step A on my guide here for how to do that: https://psvitamod.com/sd2vita/.
      2) It should be good to delete the bubble installer especially if it is a VPK file.
      3) I have never used bubble installer before so I don’t know what that issue is, sounds like the program is still running.

      1. 1. I followed the guide on vita.hacks (sorry), so I do only have a tai folder in ur0. When I look in the app and appmeta folders on both ur0 and ux0, there is a vitashell. I have my PS MC mounted to uma0 and my SD2VITA mounted to ux0. When I remove my SD2VITA, and reboot, vitashell and adrenaline remain.
        2. I don’t mean the vpk, I mean the app/bubble. If you’ve never used it, then i’ll just keep searching for answers.
        3. In this instance I’m actually talking about any game bubble or app bubble, not just bubbles created by Bubbles Manager. I get the same error when trying to delete from Content Manager.

        1. 1. That’s actually a good thing, in that if your memory card ever crashed or dies you still have access to Vitashell. I would leave as is. Are you having issues with Vitashell?
          2. If you are talking about the app then I would say you can’t uninstall it without losing access to your created bubbles but again I am not familiar with the app.
          3. Yes sounds like you did something wrong with bubble installer.

          1. Well. . .I wasn’t having any issues with Vitashell, but now I am. I was trying to look in cheats folder in Retroarch in Vitashell, and the screen went black. I’ve rebooted, everything else seems to work fine. I can access Vitashell without my SD2VITA in, but that doesn’t do any good. Once I put SD2VITA back, Vitashell is still black.

          2. I think it is Retroarch that is causing the issue, not having multiple Vitashell (which is fine think of it as your back-up). The black screen seems to be a common problem for Vitashell as it has an issue log on github, the solution appears to be “launching Vitashell and hold L just before the menu appears.” The log can be found here: https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/VitaShell/issues/504. Let me know if it works, I only use adrenaline on my Vita but this is good to know!

  4. So I’m new to all this and I was in the process of downgrading the firmware to 3.60 when i went to the henkako website all my apps were gone including Enso and modoru how do I get them back, I followed a tutorial and got vita shell back but not the other 2

  5. I have a model pch-1101 with 3.60 spoofed to 3.73. Somehow I lost Vitashell through an accidental format. Im trying to restore it through qcma and psvimgtools-frontend. Like alot of people Im getting the error that I cannot copy the vitashell over because I don’t own it. You then usually ask if they signed into a different playstation account. Then the comment goes no further.
    I have no idea if I signed into a different account. I don’t think so. Obviously what psvimbtools is looking for does not match what the vita is signed into. How do I fix that? I really have no idea how these two things are trying to connect with each other. I assume I did someone specific when I first hacked the vita but I can’t rememeber what.
    Anyway, thanks for any help you can give!

    1. Do you have a PSN account linked to the Vita? Meaning have you ever try signing into PSN on your Vita? See the last sentence under files needed and before Step 1.

      1. Yeah, I have logged into the PSN. It seems like from what I read in the other comments that psvimgtools is expecting a different login because I’m getting the problem after I logged in. I don’t know how to remedy that.

  6. thank you for the tips, the vitashell got corrupted on my pc and I didn’t know how to install against since h-encore2 wasn’t running.

    there’s a problem though, the message that shows when I try to copy the Vitashell contents to the Vita is “could not copy some content items” and “you can only copy apps tghat your account is the owner of”
    any adeia of what it means? thanks

  7. Guys I’m having some serious issues trying to get this to work. I’ve got a Vita Slim (2k) which is 3.65 Enso, and lost it unfortunately in a restore (long story). I’ve tried everything including trying to re-install H-encore simply bc it installs and has an option to install Vitashell (a problem I’d used to fix it on another Vita). I do everything correctly, but when I go to the final step and try to copy it to my vita, it says “Corrupt File”, no matter how many computers or times I uninstall and try again! No one else I’ve seen has this issue.

    Windows 10 (3 different computers) with latest PSVIMGTOOLS-FRONTEND (.7 from February 2019), and using QCMA. Any ideas??? please help

    1. FIXED: (apparently all I needed to do was post here?!?) Finally uninstalled everything, removed ALL folders including hidden in appdata, installed PSVIMGTOOLS-FRONTEND first, then qcma, and it finally showed up to copy

      1. Awesome, sorry I couldn’t help you in time. Sounds like something was wrong with the Vitashell program PSVImgTools created for you.

      2. Hi I am having this exact same problem.Please help?
        I have tried uninstalling everything and trying it as you described but still the same.
        What did you mean by removed all folders and how in app data?
        Please help. Driving me insane!!!

        1. What exact issue are you having? I believe he is referring to step 2 in my guide here:https://psvitamod.com/sd2vita/, you need to enable view hidden folders to see all the files. If you are having the same issue as D-Blair it could be that you are using a different PSN account than the one that is linked to your Vita.

  8. I recently got my hands on a PCH-1101 running 3.73 OFW, I have an issue though. My directional pad will not go up when I launch Vitashell. I tested the pad with other apps and games and it is working fine but even if VitaShell is running suspended it will affect the home screen, if I force close it then my home screen returns to normal. Any ideas?

    1. That’s very odd, so the up on your directional pad only malfunctions on vitashell? Is it causing you problems and are you on the latest version of Vitashell?

        1. What are you seeing on Final H-encore when you get to step 7? Also are you using the PSN account the Vita is registered to?

  9. Hey, I recently hacked my vita 2000 and had HENkaku and enso installed. I got it down to run on firmware 3.60 and spoofed it as 3.70. All was well until I mounted Sd2vita as ux0. Now VitaShell is gone and all the games I downloaded are gone as well. If I take out the SD2Vita and reboot holding down L, all the games appear and I get VitaShell back too. How can I get everything on my sd2vita? I followed all the videos on setting up sd2vita and i copied all the backup files I made on my pc from vita onto sd2vita but nothing is showing up. Pls help

      1. I already did all of that. I’m using a 64 gb microSD and my vita recognizes that it has about 58 gb of storage left on it.

        1. I think I can help? You may have put all your games onto your built in or official memory card? This would be why you still see VitaShell and your games? With your SD2Vita not inserted into your PSVita, connect it via usb to your computer via VitaShell, doing so should show you the files on your Vitas memory card. Follow these steps below.

          1.Insert you sd cart into you computer.

          2.Make certain that hidden files and file name folders are ticked in your folder options this is so your computer can see you vitas files. Click the folder icon, on the top pick the option named view, tick both hidden folders and file name extensions.

          4.now on your vitas root,the one that shows the folders app,user and so forth(this is your vita) Highlight all of the files and then pick copy.

          5.Now copy all of these files into the root of your Sd cards drive it can be F,G, or E. Dependent on the size it will take a while to copy all of your files to your sd card. If it asks you to replace or overwrite any files say yes, always

          6. Once all your files are copied take your sd card and put it in your SD2Vita adpater and insert it back into your Vita. Now open VitaShell, press start and select the option named USB, now change this to Sd2vita. Reboot your vita.

          If you followed all of the above steps that I can think of you should now see all of you games and apps and so fourth when you enable h encore again?

  10. I didn’t end up needing this to get VitaShell back (my janky PSVSD was at fault) but I’m glad to know of these tools, so thanks! One quick tip, on the off-chance any of you have changed the default codepage in cmd.exe to UTF-8 (65001), whatever the bundled python is with psvimgtools-frontend will flatly refuse to launch. You can either change the default codepage back to normal in the Windows Registry, or manually start a cmd terminal, run “chcp 437” for the regular United States – OEM codepage (I’m sure there are others that will work, I just have no clue what they are), navigate to the psvimgtools directory at “C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\Roaming\psvimgtools-frontend\”, and then invoke “run.exe”.

    1. Cool, thanks for the tip! In what circumstances would the default codepage change, as in if the page the PSVIMGTOOLS is hosted on changed again?

      1. It wouldn’t, you would have had to have done so ahead of time with either a script or a registry edit. I had my own reasons for doing this have nothing to do with vita hacking, basically so that some special characters become printable instead of just boxes. So you can either undo this so the regular OEM – US codepage of 437 is used instead on a permanent basis, or just remember that psvimgtools-frontend needs to be invoked manually after changing the codepage via a “chcp 437” command (which itself is not permanent and only lasts as long as that console session does)

  11. When I try to connect to PSN, it asks me to update my Vita. I don’t think I want that.
    I placed 0syscall6 plugin into ux0 and now my Vita is stuck in a bootloop. If I start it normally, it doesn’t load. If I hold L while booting, it loads into a regular version (3.70), not Henkaku. Not sure how to make VitaShell visible again, since I can’t connect my Vita to PC 🙁

    1. How did you hack your Vita in the first place, could you not load Hencore again? Did you spoof your firmware first before logging into PSN? The next thing you need to do once you hack a Vita on firmware over 3.68 is to downgrade before installing any other hacks.

      1. The Vita I bought was already hacked. I didn’t have to do anything. So I never even looked into the hacking. I have no idea what to do. So yes, right now it only boots into the regular non hacked version, if I hold L trigger. If I don’t hold it, then it tries to load into Hencore. But never does, it’s just stuck at the logo.

        Someone told me to maybe try fixing it with MLTHaKu. Any idea if that could help?

        1. I don’t think MLTHaKu will help you, it doesn’t seem to work on higher firmware. I think the easiest solution would be to factory reset the vita, upgrade to 3.73, install Hencore2 and then downgrade to 3.60 or 3.65, install Henkaku, and then ENSO, and then whichever hacks you want. I say this because you have to downgrade anyways, lots of compatibility issues on firmwares over 3.68.

          1. Are you sure the only way is to factory reset and reinstall everything? I mean, I only need to access the “tai” folder to delete one plugin file. And delete a single line in the config.

          2. Sorry what firmware are you on again? You can try to install Hencore again to get back Vitashell.

        2. With Hencore, it used to say 3.60. Now when I load up Vita holding L without any plugins and so on, it says 3.70.
          Technically, I have Vitashell. Everything was installed when I bought it. Really lost here :/

          1. So you are on 3.60 but you spoof your firmware to 3.70. Do you still have Henkaku settings, when you boot up do you see the ENSO logo? If not try to install Henkaku again by going to http://henkaku.xyz on your Vita.

          2. I don’t have access to anything related to Henkaku when I boot up holding L. Technically, my Henkaku is installed, I just f’cked up my config.

          3. I wen to henkaku.xyz on my Vita and it says that 3.70 isn’t supported (or that I see this message if Henkaku is already installed, which is probably the case, since I only f’cked up my config with that goddamn plugin)

          4. Well the only other option I can think of is if you have your tai folder on ux0 and only if you are using a microsd card on sd2vita. You can plug the microsd card into your pc and you should see the tai folder on your pc.

    2. You should only have to spoof the frameware to the latest version which is 3.73 not 3.70. Maybe this is why you keep getting and update option? Give this a try before you have to reset everything.

    1. Google translation: “You saved my life you horny pig, thank you kiss kiss, the extended Arab family is proud of you”
      Not sure how to reply to this but “Bitte”

  12. i have problem ,my vita cant read sd2vita and i m going to instal vita shell,but when i copy to vita the notif say”You can only copy application that your account is owner of.”

      1. same problem: havent been on psn in a a LONG time. vita prompts for update when you try to login. where is qcma pulling the data from?

        1. Have you tried updating your spoofing to 3.73? If your vita downloaded an update it can be found here ud0:/PSP2UPDATE/PSP2UPDAT.PUP and you can delete the .pup update.

  13. Hi there everyone newbie here, So i just bought ps vita fat henkaku enso 3.60 yesterday, it has some crash problem because of the plug in and i tried to delete some of the plugin and I accidentally deleted the henkaku.skprx. After i reboot my ps vita its ask me to update the system software i just can press ok (i rebooted on airplane mode so its not really updating) and after im on the live area, all of my hack things disappear (vitashell,the game, etc) is there anything i can do to restore it? If yes what should i do. Also the ps vita already include with sd2vita but not include the original ps vita memory(i think all the plugin is saved on the internal memory of ps vita) will this method work to get everything back?

    1. What firmware are you currently on, and if it is 3.60 or 3.65 did you installed Enso? That could be an easier way to restore Vitashell. For the sd2vita, do you have a phat psvita or the slim one?

      1. im on 3.60 henkaku enso, also i have the fat machine 1000, i was thinking to restore the vita system and reinstall henkaku after that ill reconfigure the enso plugin

        1. You mentioned in your original post that you had a fat vita and your firmware, sorry I missed that. So not having the original memory card is going to cause issues for you. There is no internal memory on the fat vita, and since you don’t have the official memory card your hacks are stored on the mircosd card. I don’t think you can install Henkaku because you have no memory card to store it on. Since you deleted a component of henkaku, sd2vita is no longer working, your hacks are not being loaded, and that is why you have the default home screen. If you can’t get a cheap 4GB official Sony memory card, I believe you have to try installing Henkaku through MLTHaKu, some instructions can be found here: I can’t really help in that process as I never done it before.

          1. One quick solution I am thinking of is that you plug the microsd card into your computer and then copy and paste the file you deleted into the tai folder. This will only work if the tai folder is in ux0 and not ur0, meaning if you don’t see a tai folder or if the tai folder is empty this won’t work.

          2. Im getting an 8gb original memory card, so im think im gonna do :
            1. Restore the system
            2. Reinstall the henkaku
            3. Afte installing the henakaku ill download the enso app and reconfigure the plugin via the app(reconfigure because i read that enso after the restore system are not deleted just inactive)
            4. And pretty much new hacked ps vita without anymore plug
            I dont mine doing from the from bottom again tho i wanted to gain more understanding about the vita. The thing is if i do that i wont broke my vita right?

  14. Before My psvita have only 3.65 enso+ henkaku setting.But my Molecularshell,Vitashell disappeared.
    I can restore vitashell By.
    1.Install QCMA
    2.Henkaku setting set spoofed version is 3.70 then restart
    3.Log in playstation network by your ID.
    4.INSTALL FinalHE_v1.91_win32
    5.Open FinalHe.exe and Ps vita connected with PC
    5.1 install Trim h-encore and click Let’ Go
    5.2Again install click Let’ Go (Not Click Trim h-encore)
    6.At PS vita See H-encore^2 bubble then click
    6.1 Install henkaku.
    6.2Install Vitashell.
    Happy For You.

  15. I am getting
    Could not copy the following content
    You can only copy application that your account is owner of.
    Please help someone??

  16. The Vitashell version of PSVITAImgTools is only 1.9 version.
    I want to update to the latest version so I downloaded the latest vpk file and installed it using vitashell but it says installation error.

    1. What are you trying to install? PSVIMGTOOLS is used to restore Vitashell, once you have VitaShell installed then you can update it to the newest version.

  17. hi. i have a problem when moving my games either by ftp or usb. i have already moved about 8 games onto my vita (both vpk and nonpdrm) and they installed and worked just fine. i’m using a 128gb samsumg sd card. now when i try to move any more games onto the sd card the pcse folder shows up empty on vitashell even though the transfer is successful. even the space is used up on the sd card. but since the folder is empty refreshing live area does not work and the space is still used up even if i delete the empty folder. Any help please?

    1. Do you have enough space left on your sd card, where are you getting these nonpdrm files? It could be a bad file, is the PCSE folder empty in the App folder?

  18. You know better than I, but I’m quite sure you can just use molecularshell to reinstall vitashell.vpk and it’s a whole lot easier.

    1. If you are on 3.60 then you can easily get molecularshell through http://henkaku.xyz and install vitashell. For those on higher firmware and somehow lost everything you will have to go through the steps in this guide.

  19. I had to format my vita memory card recently because it was full even though I deleted all my “downloaded” files. It did not show up in pagi folders or anywhere.

    After restore and boot up i lost vitashell but henkaku was still there. I simply went to henkaku.xyz and reinstalled molecule and used it to reinstall vitashell.

    *if you get an error at henkaru.xyz about not being on 3.60, turn off or edit spoofing in henkaru settings accordingly.

    1. Thanks for the tip about spoofing. I think you meant ENSO was still there and you just had to reinstall Henkaku. Restoring Vitashell is not needed after formatting since ENSO is stored on the Vita itself and not the memory card.

    1. The first step is to get back Vitashell. With Vitashell installed, you can install back everything you lost.

  20. I’ve got SD2VITA on my UX0 but I’ve realised that I’ve got a massive problem if it corrupts or I lose it or something. As long I can get Vitashell back I should be OK. Is moving it to UR0 an option?

    1. If you are concern about losing everything, you should back up the contents of your sd card to your pc. You want to move everything you have on ux0 to ur0? Just a reminder that PS Vita games have to be on ux0 in order for it to launch.

      1. No, sorry, what I meant was, if Vitashell is somewhere on the internal memory, then it would be easier to access it again and restore everything else to ux0 via USB if something bad happened.

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