This guide shows you how to install PKGj, update the database, and download the PKGj file. Since PKGj uses the Vita's WiFi, the download speed will be slow. Please refer to the "Already Installed" section for the prerequisites needed before you can use PKGj. For faster downloads, use NoPayStation. My guide for NoPayStation can be found here.

Already Installed

NoNpDrm needed to run games,updates, and DLCs:
See guide to install
Adrenaline needed to run PSP and PSX games:
See guide to install

Files Needed

PKGJ.vpk: GitHub Link 
Config.txt: PSVitaMod Link 
Repatch.skprx: Github Link


Need More Storage?

Upgrade your Micro SD Card to store more files. I get my Micro SD Cards here.


Looking for an Unique Vita?

If you are interested in a different color vita (like my pink one), I got mine online from an eBay seller in Japan at

Step 1: Download PKGj and Config file.

  • On your computer, download the pkgirePatch, and config files.
  • Create a new folder called "pkgi" (make sure it is PKGI and not PKGJ) and put the pkgi and config files inside that file.
  • Create another folder called "repatch" and put the rePatch.skprx in there.
  • If you need to edit the confiq.txt file, it is best to do it now. Open the text file to make any changes.
  • Red: This is telling PKGj where to get the specified files.
  • Green. This is telling PKGj where to get the comppack that allows for those on lower firmware to play higher firmware games.
  • Blue: Change the ux0: to uma0: if you want the PSP and PSX files to be stored on uma0 (this is only applicable for those who used storagmgr). If changed, PSP and PSX files will be stored on the PS Vita memory card instead of the MicroSD card.

Step 2: Launch Vitashell and Connect via USB.

Memory Card

  • Back on your Vita, launch Vitashell, press Start and change "SELECT button" to USB.
  • Press O to cancel main settings and then press select to connect your Vita to your PC.
    Note: If you are using SD2Vita, change the USB device to SD2Vita.

Step 3: Move the PKGI Folder to the Vita.

  • Go to the folder where you stored your pkgi and repatch folders and move them into the USB drive that just popped up when you connected through the USB.
    Note: This step can also be done through FTP servers.

Step 4: Use VitaShell to Install PKGj.

  • Press O to cancel the USB connection and go to ux0:pkgI folder and Press X on the pkgJ.vpk file and X to confirm the install.
    Note: You can delete the PKGj.vpk file after the installation if you need space.

Step 5: Move Repatch.skprx

  • Go to the repatch folder and select repatch.skprx and press Triangle and then Copy.
  • Press circle until you see ur0 (Some of you who are only using an official Sony Memory Card might have your tai folder in ux0) and go to the tai folder.
  • Press X on tai and then triangle on “..” and then Paste to copy and paste the repatch.skprx plugin into your tai folder.

Step 6: Edit Config.txt to Launch rePatch.

  • Press X on config.txt and then press Triangle to select Insert empty line and then type ur0:tai/repatch.skprx.
  • Press O to go back out to the config.txt and O again to get a save prompt and X to save the changes to the config.txt.
  • Press start and then go to REBOOT to reset the Vita so the changes can take place (the ur0:tai/repatch.skprx should be under *KERNEL but if you have other plugins like I do then put it as the last one like the pic below).

Step 7: Launch PKGj.

  • Go to the home page and turn on your WiFi, this will allow PKGj to load the links provided in the config text file.
  • Then click on the PKGj bubble and launch it.

Step 8: Refresh PKGj database.

  • Launch PKGj press Triangle and go down to Refresh and press X to show the list.
  • If you want to look for more downloads, press triangle and scroll down to the option you want and press X.
  • If no items appear, press triangle to bring up the menu and click X on Refresh.
  • Make sure the config.txt file is in the PGKi folder because the txt file provides the most up to date database.

Step 9: Launch the Icon.

  • Once the download is done, go back out to the home screen on your Vita.
  • Scroll all the way down and you should see a bouncing bubble of your file.

Bonus: Install Update

To update, click on the newly installed file and click on the yellow button. If there are no updates, then this icon will not appear.

Note: Since the update does show up on your notification, for paranoid users in fear of PSN ban (so far no reported case of a PSN ban from a hacked Vita and very unlikely) create a new PSN.

Compatibility Packs are now completely optional. If you have the ReFood plugin installed (guide here), then you can skip step 10.

Step 10: Download Compatibility Packs.

  • Certain downloads require a compatibility pack if your firmware is too low.
  • Press on your title and PKGj will tell you if you will need a compatibility pack.
  • Install the title and then install the compatibility pack (the packs will show up in your Repatch folder).

  • Wait for the Diagnostic to turn "All Green" to indicate that everything installed correctly.

Step 11: Install DLC.

  • To Install DLCs, press triangle to bring up menu and scroll down to Show DLCs
  • Press X (if no item shows, press triangle and then Refresh). Find the compatible DLC, a blue dot will show which DLCs are available for your collection.
  • Press X on the compatible DLC and wait for the install, the blue dot will turn white letting you know that it was installed.
    Note: If there are no blue dots, make sure you have the correct version (EX: US vs Europe).

79 thoughts on “Download Titles on Vita: PKGJ”

  1. After following the steps to entering a line in the control.txt and reboot the PSVITA reboots everytime I access the apps.

  2. hello, i have a issue about the cancelled donwload on PKGJ it takes to much space.. how can i delete the cancelled donwload? Thier not in the PKGJ folder also..

  3. I am having an issue with my Psvita I’m sorry it’s not really related to issue but it’s kinda is I have a 32 sd card am my Psvita system use is taking 9gig out of it how should I resolve this problem

    1. There are 2 ways you can handle this. First is go to content manager and then “Manage Content on Memory Card” to see what is taking up all your space. Otherwise, I would connect the Vita to your PC and see which folders are the largest.

  4. Halo, im have question to download dlc…. I want to download dlc “shin Gundam musou”, example “additional Mobile suit: Wing gundam ew”, I’ve already installed, but I check to my game its not there/show… I’m newbie,pls help What is problem that…? Thank u…

      1. Would like to know the answer to this as well! Am facing the same problem but i am sure i have followed all the steps correctly. THe bubble is white as well.

          1. Yeah, its there… and that is matchs to app.. example:PSO000xxx, I try to move it to app shin Gundam musou, but didn’t work too…. my mind is blank Now…. Who now to fix it I really gratefull to u to tell everyone lover psvita… ty

          2. What is the game and DLC called? I might try to download it myself. Are you sure the DLC is something you could get at the very beginning of the game? Have you try downloading the DLC from NoPayStation?

      2. Yes,I already follow that step… but it didn’t work… the Blue dot already to white… I try to restart or shutting down console, but result is same, I really want to install this dlc…. for your answer, I appreciate… ty

        1. This game is pcsh00058-ASA- Shin Gundam musou 2,75GB
          Dlc name is pcsh00058-ASA- Additional Mobile suit [Wing Gundam Zero (EW)… I’m not sure Coz I never use Dlc before so i don’t no… No, ihavent yet Download dlx from nopaystation…. Coz I think in pkgj have it, Why else…? ty

          1. I would try to use nopaystation to download the DLC and transfer it to ux0:addcont, use my guide to install nopaystation. If you already have nopaystation installed then you can go to step 8.5 to see how to install the DLC manually. The game works for you though right, and sorry I don’t have time to download it tonight but I should have time tomorrow to test it out.

  5. Please I just installed my sd card and made it my primary now I cant longer download games into my vita using PKGJ it keep giving me 0x8p431068 errors please help me in solving this problem

    1. How did you set up the sdcard, do you have nonpdrm installed, and where is your tai folder located at? What does the config.txt in your tai folder say?

  6. bro you did very well install it with your instruction and everything was in no errors of any such pls i need your help i just got and sd card and my vita card is 8gig i now have a 128gig memory card you give me instruction on how to use sd2 card read and the sd card on a vita

  7. Hi, I need some advice. I’ve installed pkgj’s vpk, downloaded nonpdrm and repatch, and made it to the pkgj screen, but every time I hit Refresh I’m hit with
    can’t get list: HttpError: sceHttpGetResponseContentLength failed: 0x80431071
    and I’m a bit stuck on what to do next.
    Any advice that you would be willing to share?
    I was using a different guide before I found yours, and installed nonpdrm via autoplugin, so that might have been it?

    1. Where is your tai folder located at, make sure the config.txt in that tai folder is correcting referencing the all the plugins like nonpdrm.

  8. Hi, I have made everything, I already have nonpdrm and repatch on the right place on the config.txt.

    I can download the games and the compability patches, PKGJ says that’s all “green”.

    However I always get error C1-6703-6.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Just to make sure, what are the contents of your config.txt in your tai folder and where is where is your tai folder? Kinda sounds like the nonpdrm plugin, did you use my guide to install that?

  9. spider man is missing in pkgj?please help…i downloaded spiderman vpk and after playing some time game goes loading and loading and only loading,,please help me to solve this issue. i tried downloading from different servers but still i face this problem..please help me..i want to play spiderman without strucking

    1. I don’t know how to install vpk versions of games, that seems to be an outdated method. If it’s not on pkgj then try to find a nonpdrm version of it from Google.

  10. I was able to successfully install pkgi and even downloaded a game. For some reason, the game only shows “waiting to install” on the live area. How can I resolve this?

    1. Do you also have nonpdrm installed? Where is your tai folder, and what does the config.txt in that tai folder say?

  11. Hey I’m completely new to this, and maybe I’m doing this wrong, i thought I followed all the steps correctly. I did the trinity exploit, downgraded to 3.60, installed henkaku, vitashell, adrenaline and am trying to get pkgj to work but I cant get the final part to work. I don’t have an sd card just the official sony memory card, so i changed the config file portion in blue to uma0: like I was supposed to (right?), copied repatch over to the ux0 tai folder, edited the config.txt and added the lines for the nonpdrm and repatch .skprx and then launched pkgj after following the other steps. I can see the library, but if i try to install a vita game it says install failed, scedownload change_state dc0 failed. And if i try to install a psp game it says download failed, sceloDopen(uma0:pkgj/ What am I doing wrong or what did i miss?

    1. First mistake is changing the confiq to uma0 (this is only applicable for those who used storagmgr), but I guess that is not clear enough in my guide because of the second sentence (I will fix that). Since you put repatch in ux0, all your other plugins such as nonpdrm should also be in ux0. The confiq.txt file should then reference ux0 under the *KERNEL. However, it is considered best practice to have the tai folder in ur0 and put everything in the ur0 tai folder and delete the tai folder in ux0. If this is not clear, send me what’s inside the confiq.txt in your tai folder (that seems to be the issue).

  12. I went ahead and also downloaded some PS1 games, but for some reason, those don’t show up on my Vita.

  13. Hi it’s nice to see you’re still helping people after this time! I am from the UK and I would like to know why my ps vita stopped installing some games via pkgj. I downloaded a few moderate size files. Now I tried to download for example guacamele and it fails with error codes. I have nopdrm and ref00d. Also games not saving when using vitashell

    1. Oh yes, pretty active with this site lately with the news of the Trinity released. So your problem is pkgj used to worked for you but now it doesn’t? Not sure what you mean by your games not saving when using VitaShell, VitaShell doesn’t save your game. What firmware are you on, what model vita, where is your tai folder located in, and what error message are you getting?

  14. im on 3.70 and NONE of the psvita or dlc not downloading fyi i dont have repatch on my vitashell so what could be the REAL PROBLEM???

  15. If im already using pkgj and have even downloaded a compat pack (here for p5d for example), I simply need to install repatch to get everything working, right?

    1. Hmmm, you need repatch for the compatibility packs to work and it is stored in the repatch folder. Not sure how you were able to download the pack without repatch, but install repatch and then download the comp packs.

  16. So I’m trying to download the psx and psp games onto my uma0 folder, but I’m not exactly sure what the process is for doing this. Can you explain to me what I need to do?

    1. The confiq.txt file I provided is telling PKGj where to stored those games. Downloaded the confiq.txt and where it says install_psp_psx_location ux0: change that to uma0. Make sure not to type any additional spaces. Save the changes and transfer the confiq.txt file back to your PKGi folder and override the current confiq.txt in there.

      I will update that information in my guide.

      1. As it turns out, I’m just really blind and kept missing a few steps in the process. My bad, but thanks for the help!

  17. Hey! When refreshing inside of PKGj, at the very end [9/10 100%] error pops up:
    can’t get list: failed to parrse line
    regex didn’t match

  18. great guide thanks. but do you know why my games wont launch and i get an error? (c1-6703-6) i got all the plugin correct and my config.txt file. also in pkgj my game says “all green” and my compatability packs are installed

    1. So you were able to download through pkgj but can’t launch the bubble? All the plugin includes nonpdrm and repatch? What firmware are you on and do you have Enso install?

      1. yeah i was able to download games through PKGJ i can see the bubble and get it to open but the error message is displayed after launching. yes i installed repatch and nonpdrm (correctly i believe, they are in my ur0 directory and shown in config.txt under kernel, also no tai folder in ux0) im on 3.60 and i dont have enso it wont install for some reason. so i use henkaku from exploit.

        1. What error are you getting from trying to install enso? This might be related to your issue. Do you have any other plugins installed, I might have to see your config.txt file. Since you don’t have Enso, you lose your hacks everytime you shut down or restart. Did you try launching the bubble after you installed Henkaku?

          1. Think I found the problem. I just noticed I didn’t end ur0:tai/repack with .skprx in my config.txt file that little error was what was preventing me from launching games

  19. Thanks a bunch, most of the steps went well.
    Although I would like to point out a problem that I currently have. The error message says:
    “can’t get list: TSV file is truncated, check your internet connection and retry”
    I’m not sure if my wifi is too slow, I have tried reconnecting with my vita and it seems to connect properly. Also tried to unplug the router then connecting it again yet the same problem pops up. Been stuck with this problem for a while. thanks again in advance

    1. Are you using the config.txt from my site, it sounds like an issue with the text file. Does your config.txt in the PGKi folder look like the pic I have at the end of Step 8?

    1. I don’t quite understand what you saying, if you followed my guide from step 1 all the way to the end PKGj should be working.

  20. Hello. I am trying to install games on PKGj, but I keep get the same error:C0-9250-6. I thought it was a problem with the plugin and software, so I uninstalled PKGJ and the plugin. I followed bothof your NoPdRm and PKGJ guides, and yet, small apps like YouTube won’t even install, it will download 100%, and then will either say unable to install, or wait to install. I am using a 4gb Sony memory card, I didn’t get sd2vita yet. Do I have to delete my tai folder on ux0, and move the contents to ur0? I’m not used to vita, I hacked my 3ds, and yet this feels much different.

    1. Yes that would be my first step, move all the contents to ur0 and then delete the tai folder in ux0. Then make sure everything in the config file in the ur0:tai is referencing ur0:tai instead of ux0:tai.

    1. Do you have nonpdrm plugin installed, is it in the ux0 or ur0 folder? Where is your tai folder located at? Make sure you have the nodpdrm plugin in the tai folder at ur0 and don’t have a tai folder in the ux0.

  21. Hello, i followed this guide and all works fine except one thing, when i load psx game list i have this error:

    ”can’t reload list: failed to parse line 565: stoll”

    After the message i can read the games list.


    1. Did you use the config file I provided? Make sure the config.txt in the pkgi folder matches what it is showing under step 8.

  22. Thanks a lot for this tutorial but I have a problem.
    I can not start the games that need to be patched, I have the message C1-6703-6.
    I have a PS Vita Slim with Henkaku in 3.60 and a SD2Vista card.
    With PKGj I download Iconoclast for example, and the patch, then I refresh the liveArea and the bubble of the game appears but the game does work…
    Could you help me please?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi, are you sure the patch you download is a compatibility patch? It sounds like you are trying to play a game that requires a firmware higher than 3.60

  23. Hey, umh.. I have a problem, Lately I’ve tried to download games (+2GB) but after a while this error pops up
    [Download failure: HttpError: HTTP download error 0x80431068]
    Then it stops the download, I don’t mind the error but the game Icon doesn’t appear yet the part of the game that got dwnloaded still takes my memory and I don’t know where the file is so I can delete it.. How can I know where the game files get stored?

    1. Hi there, the incomplete downloads should be in ux0:pkgi folder. You have to know the gameID of the incomplete game, because the files in there will contain letters and numbers. Delete the file that has the GameID of your incomplete game.

  24. Hi. Great tutorial you made here. I’m planning to get a Vita 3.60 and stick with it. I just have a question.

    You said that PKGi can also download compacks for game compatibility. Will PKGi be the one that will handle its installation of the files, or do I have to do something to make the dowoaded compatibility pack work?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, in the newest version (v0.38) clicking on the game you want will also show the compatibility pack if you need it and will install it.

  25. I finished downloading “Spelunky” in PKGJv0.29 since it has a small size, my problem is it would not install the game. It just displays this

    Download failure: scePromoterUtilityPromotePkgWithRif: 0x80870004
    Please check your NoNpDrm installation

    I already have the nonpdrm.skprx in both my ur0 and ux0 folder.

    I hope you can help me. Thank you!!

    1. You should only have one nonpdrm.skprx. Best to leave it in ur0 and delete the Tai folder in ux0. Make sure the Config.txt file in your ur0 Tai folder is referring to the ur0 nonpdrm.

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